Donations and state appropriations totaling nearly $5 million have been collected over the years to build a museum at Hill Air Force Base, museum foundation director Gen. Rex Hadley said this week.

"But we're broke," the retired Air Force general told the Davis County commissioners, asking for a donation to help construct a fence along a main commuter road adjacent to the museum grounds.Hadley said his foundation has donated everything it has to help build the 52,000-square-foot museum complex, currently under construction on the grounds off I-15 in Roy.

The foundation's last $250,000 has been appropriated, Hadley said. The state Legislature in its most recent session kicked in an additional $300,000, but those funds are dedicated for construction of professional-quality displays inside the new building, he said.

The road from the Roy gate onto the base, which serves thousands of base workers daily, cuts through the museum grounds and creates a traffic hazard, Hadley said.

For safety reasons, the museum's current operating hours are cut back to reduce conflicts with the commuter traffic.

Fencing the road will allow the museum's hours to be expanded, Hadley said.