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A wire cheese cutter makes quick work of slicing refrigerator cookie dough. Source: Elizabeth Fitch, Mobile, Ala.

- If your family eats a lot of salads, try this: Break the lettuce, cut the tomatoes and chop carrots, green peppers, radishes, celery and cucumber and place the mixture in a small clean trash bag and shake. Pour into salad bowl. This keeps the tossing in the bag, not on the floor and counter tops. Source: Marsha T. Sory, Germantown, Tenn.- Here's a sorting checklist to quickly process incoming mail.

1. Divide the mail according to what has interest and value to you and what does not.

2. Throw away or recycle the "no interest" pile.

3. Divide what you're saving into reference piles and action piles. Put the reference pile into a "to file" box or folder.

4. The "action" material can be divided still further. Put things having to do with money - bills, banks, financial statements - into a financial folder, which is handled once a month. Make a special folder for things to discuss with your spouse; otherwise, all action materials can go into a "things to do" folder. Source: "Getting Organized," by Stephanie Winston. Warner Books, $10.95.

- When ironing, keep a pair of scissors, a needle and neutral thread, such as clear nylon, handy to clip away stray strings, mend a small tear or tack a loose button. - Source: Suzie Garvey, Germantown, TN.

- If your cooler can't hold all the beverages you're planning to serve at a party or picnic, chill them in a child's wading pool partially filled with ice. Source: Staff.

How do you save time? Share your ideas by writing "Time Shavers" at The Commercial Appeal, 495 Union Ave., Memphis, TN 38103. Here's a time-saving tip - keep it short!