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Oops! Too much salt went into the sauce!

Don't despair. Take a sugar cube and zigzag it through the sauce three or four times, says Chef Antoine Bouterin of New York City's Le Perigord restaurant.No time to chill the champagne? Or something else? Make an ice bath, add 2 to 4 tablespoons of salt to the water. The champagne will chill to 42 degrees F in 20 minutes, says winemaker Eileen Crane of Domaine Carneros by Taittinger.

Other cooking tips:

- Cook meats, including beef, lamb, veal and game, with one or two wine corks. The corks have enzymes that tenderize the meat, and cooking time is reduced by almost half, says chef Felipe Rojas-Lombardi of New York City's Ballroom.

- If you want creamy shell beans, cover them with a lid when cooking. If you want them harder and more separate, leave the lid off, says chef Judy Rogers of San Francisco's Zuni Cafe.

- If parchment paper sticks to the cake, use a pastry brush to paint hot water over the parchment paper, wait 10 to 20 seconds and then peel. Chef Jacques Torres of New York City's Le Cirque says the paper will come off easily, in one piece.

These, and dozens of other cooking tips from 53 well-known chefs and vintners, are included in a new video, "Trucs of the Trade."

(The video is sponsored by Kobrand Corp., a marketer and distributor of premium wines and spirits. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the video ($19.95) will benefit Share Our Strength in Washington, D.C., an international food industry organization for hunger relief.)