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Alta View Hospital-

ECCLES, Corbett and Carole, Magna, girl.

ELDREDGE, Mike and Linda, Riverton, boy.

GOLESH, Peter and Tina, Sandy, girl.

HERRIN, Jason and Carrie, Sandy, boy.

ORROCK, Craig and Valerie, Sandy, girl.

SKENE, Paul and Catherine, Sandy, girl.

Cottonwood Hospital-

HARMON, Robert and Heidi, Midvale, twins, boy and girl.

SMITH, Kurt and Frankie, West Jordan, twin boys.

ANDERSON, Eric and Leann, South Jordan, boy.

BITTER, Kimball and Suzanne, Salt Lake City, girl.

BRONSON, Earl and Jan, Salt Lake City, girl.

GARNER, Brian and Ann, West Jordan, boy.

GIFFORD, Benjamin and Gina, Salt Lake City, girl.

RENCHER, David and Tamara, Riverton, boy.

STUMBOUGH, Ken and Mary, Midvale, girl.

WADSWORTH, Con and Marsha, Draper, girl.

WEBB, Glen and Mary Jo, Cedar City, girl.

WILSON, Bruce and Lyn, Midvale, girl.

Holy Cross Hospital-

ABBOTT, Michael and Mary, Salt Lake City, girl.

ACOSTA, Elizabeth, West Valley City, girl.

KLOTZ, Scott and Jacqueline, Salt Lake City, girl.

MAPU, Peniamina and Audrey, Salt Lake City, girl.

PLUMMER, Burke and Lori, Salt Lake City, boy.

Lakeview Hospital-

HORNE, Walter and Suzanne, West Bountiful, boy.

NEAL, Charles and Carrie, Centerville, boy.

LDS Hospital-

CARLSON, Steven and Camela, North Salt Lake, girl.

EGGLI, Lynn and Marsha, Salt Lake City, boy.

ROBINSON, Lynn and Amanda, Salt Lake City, boy.

TIDWELL, Lori and DELBERT, Blaine, Centerville, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

GLASKER, James and Linda, West Valley City, boy.

MORRIS, Brian and Keri, Salt Lake City, boy.

PITT, Alan and Aileen, Salt Lake City, boy.

WHITEHOUSE, Gary and Teresa, Tooele, boy.

WILSON, Kenneth and Kim, Murray, boy.

University Hospital-

FLITTON, Chris and Janeen, Salt Lake City, boy.

GARRARD, Howard and Shanna, Grantsville, boy.

HARDMAN, Deaun, Sandy, boy.

HYDE, Kevin and Linda, West Jordan, girl.