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With graduation ceremonies at hand, about 10 Granite District seniors still had unresolved citizenship deficits, said Wendall Sullivan, director of high school operations.

However, Sullivan said, some of those likely will be resolved in time for the students to receive diplomas. Others will do the required work to wipe out unsatisfactory citizenship grades during the summer and receive belated diplomas, he said.The district instituted a firm citizenship policy two years ago in its high schools. Students must earn a portion of citizenship credit in every class. Unsatisfactory grades must be made up by taking extra classwork or performing volunteer service in the community.

Administrators and teachers have been almost unanimously supportive of the policy, saying it has decreased absences and tardies and improved classroom atmosphere. Few parents have had complaints about the policy at the high school level.

The policy was expanded to junior high schools this year, and district officials are still ironing out some bugs at that level, Sullivan said.