Quick work by two paramedics is credited with saving the life Tuesday of an 11-month-old boy choking on a hot dog. Just before responding to that call, the duo stopped an 80-year-old woman going the wrong way on I-15.

"It was a good save in both instances," said Davis County Sgt. Dave Fluckiger.Fluckiger reported that Curt Johnson and Tadd Lowe arrived within a minute of being called to a Bountiful day-care center at 11 a.m. Tuesday, responding to a report of a choking infant.

Tycen Bowman's respiratory tract was completely blocked by a piece of hot dog and had stopped breathing, Fluckiger said. Johnson and Lowe extracted the piece of meat with small forceps and used CPR to get the boy breathing again.

Just before that call, the two sheriff's deputies - in Davis County deputies are cross-trained as paramedics - stopped an 80-year-old woman who was driving the wrong way on I-15, Fluckiger said.

The woman "missed her exit and just decided to turn around and go the other way," Fluckiger said.