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There's another disease breaking out in Salt Lake County. In addition to measles, parents can worry about shigellosis.

The disease is more commonly known as dysinteria and has been spreading through day-care centers in the county. During the first four months of 1991, there were 283 chases of shigellosis reported in Utah. Last year during the same period there were 53."Any time you group small children together, you're liable to have these kinds of diseases," said Craig Nichols, state epidemiologist. "Parents should stress hand-washing to their children, before and after they eat and before and after they go to the restroom."

The disease spreads rapidly. "Even a tiny amount of bacteria under the fingernail is enough to pass it on."

Shigellosis symptoms include diarrhea accompanied by fever and possibly nausea, vomiting and cramps. The illness usually lasts several days to weeks. The organism can be resistant to certain types of antibiotics, Nichols said.