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The state of Utah is planning to seal abandoned coal mine openings and reclamation projects at four locations in south-central Utah.

Two sites are in Sevier County, near I-70 east of Salina. The other two sites are in Sanpete County - one location west of Wales and another near Sterling.Midsummer is the target date for the work, set by the Abandoned Mine Reclamation Program of the state's Division of Oil, Gas and Mining.

Community meetings can be held if there is sufficient interest and requests are filed prior to June 15. Interested people may call Mary Ann Wright at (801) 538-5340 or write to her, addressed to Abandoned Mine Reclamation Program, Division of Oil, Gas and Mining, Suite 350, 3 Triad, 355 W. North Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84180-1203.