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Good news for Richfield residents. The city council has approved a tentative budget that won't require a tax increase, even though employees will get more benefits and a 2 percent salary boost.

The council has proposed a general fund budget of $1,995,764 for the 1991-92 fiscal year, about $45,000 more than the adopted budget for 1990-91.Most of the increase is in "pass through" funding items, such as grants, but must appear as line items in the general budget, explained Mike Langston, city finance director. The increases are in both revenue and expenditures.

The annual public budget hearing will be 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 11, at the City Center, and the new budget will be adopted at a council meeting June 25.

In addition to the general fund budget, tentative budgets have been approved for water, sewer, landfill and debt service funds.

Water revenues are projected at $401,750, with expenses of $375,413. Anticipated sewer revenues are $437,500, while expenditures as expected to be $381,952. Landfill revenue and expenditures are about offsetting at just under $100,000.

Langston said $30,000 will be spent for a principal payment on the flood detention basin, the revenue to be obtained from sales of city property in the northern sector.

Anticipated general fund revenues and amounts will come from taxes, $1,005,000; charges for services, $340,500; intergovernmental, $308,250; licenses and permits, $212,900; contributions and transfers, $899,564; miscellaneous, $33,500; and fines and forfeitures, $6,050.

The police department will get the largest amount of any fund in the proposed budget, amounting to $529,314.

Other funds and amounts are administrative services, $248,427; cemetery, $613,667; parks and recreation, $81,196; golf course, $83,136; swimming pool, $123,396; streets and public improvements, $303,559; fire department, $122,875; shop, $60,748; airport, $67,930; library, $53,195; attorney, $43,341.

Also, economic development, $34,118; buildings, $51,897; youth city council, $1,000; inspections, $9,700; animal control, $10,722; Ramsay Museum, $4,450; irrigation, $8,153; senior citizens, $18,700; literacy program, $25,000; community projects, $21,950; contingencies, $5,000; salary increases and benefits, $15,340; and debt service, $22,250.