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Demonstrations of traditional women's handwork will be presented June 10-15 at the Jensen Living Historical Farm. The event is coordinated by graduate student Heidi Niehaus and features one artist a day.

Local artisans presenting demonstrations at the farm include Elizabeth Friedley, Betty Gerber, Carol Armstrong and Bruce Crane, all of Logan."This weeklong presentation helps to preserve the traditional handwork activities that have been practiced in Cache Valley since the early settlement," Niehaus said. "The new residents of the valley brought this skills with them and a wide array of ethnic specialties are common."

Examples of fancy handwork and embroidery are presented by Elizabeth Friedley. Betty Gerber demonstrates hardanger lace making and embroidery. Carol Armstrong demonstrates bobbin lace making, and Bruce Crane demonstrates tatting. All four are from Logan.

The Jensen Living Historical Farm is located six miles southwest of Logan on U.S. Highway 89-91 and is operated by Utah State University. The farm is now open for the summer season, Tuesdays through Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.