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The 14 students that compose the 1991 graduating class of Hartvigsen School proudly shared the limelight Wednesday as they received their diplomas.

Student body president David Worthen welcomed those who attended the graduation ceremonies. Granite School Board member and Jordan High instructor Patricia Sandstrom, and Brad Asplund, head pro at Four Lakes Golf Course, both praised the mentally and physically handicapped students for their many accomplishments.Sandstrom compared the dreams in the play "Clara's Dream" to the dreams of the parents in the audience who want their children to have the same opportunities as other children. Students there performed that version of "The Nutcracker" at Christmastime.

"All of us worry about you meeting up with the Mouse King and his army representing discouragement, some unemployment, and most of all uncertainty for your future," she said. "They dream of a country that accepts and nurtures all men and women regardless of a person's limitations."

Sandstrom encouraged the graduates to never give up and to always remember the "army" of parents and friends who support them. "Let me challenge all of you to dream and then to make that dream work for you," she said.

Students became acquainted with Asplund through regular outings to the golf course, where he taught them how to play. He told the graduates they have greatly affected his life.

He called the students "the happiest group of people in the world" who have a simple, uncomplicated outlook of life - an outlook he is now trying to develop, too.

"Sometimes if I think simple, the big problems aren't so big." A "happy-to-be-alive" attitude can often replace unnecessary worrying.

The Class of 1991 members are Laurie Nadine Bickley, Cary Kenneth Christensen, Patricia Ann Crown, Christie Lea Larsen, Deanna Lisa Masters, Brian Edward Parker, Tiffany Porter, Cheri Lee Reed, John R. Shepherd, Bryan Ralph Thacker, Lorena Roxanne Walton, Jody Lee Wilcock, John David Worthen and Kenneth Keirce.