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Trent Harris' new film "Rubin and Ed" will have its world premiere at 8 p.m. Friday, June 7, at the Tower Theater, 876 E. 900 South. Admission is $10, which includes a party after the screening; all proceeds will go toward a local independent filmmaking grant.

This is a one-time only showing of Harris' comedy, which is to be distributed commercially later this year.Harris, long a supporter of art films locally, hopes the premiere will also raise awareness of the effort to refurbish the Tower Theater as a quality art house. And he's been working with the crew that is laboring feverishly this week, pounding and painting to get the theater ready for the premiere. "I knew I'd have to make the movie, but I didn't know I'd be building the theater," Harris quipped.

The Friday event will feature a mariachi band, refreshments and even door prizes. "My mother's going to give away hot sauce. She says, `I don't think anybody will come to your movie, Trent, unless I give away hot sauce.' She's done it a couple of times before, so it's become a tradition."

The film's star, Crispin Glover, will attend, and Harris is hopeful Karen Black will also be there, along with local actors who appeared in the film.

Harris says he hopes the effort will raise $2,000 or more after expenses to create a local independent filmmaking grant in the name of C. Larry Roberts, a local filmmaker who died last year. (Harris dedicated "Rubin and Ed" to Roberts' memory, and also to actor Peter Boyle, who suffered a stroke during filmming but has since recovered.)

"The criteria for the award is that (the filmmaker) be subversive and good-natured, like Larry was." And, one might add, like Harris. "The Media Center (now the Utah Film and Video Center, which is co-sponsoring the event) and the state of Utah helped me a lot when I started out, and I'd like to return the favor."

Tickets are available at the door Friday evening or in advance at the Utah Film and Video Center, located in the Salt Lake Art Center, 20 S. West Temple, or at the Cinema in Your Face! theater, 45 E. 300 South.

For further information, phone the Utah Film and Video Center, 534-1158, or the Cinema in Your Face! theater, 364-9932.