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A good deed by a state employee means there will be an additional $4,000 for the state's Olympic bid committee.

Joe Bernay of West Jordan, who works for the Utah Department of Transportation in Ogden, was performing maintenance on traffic lights Monday night when he noticed a planner book and its contents scattered along the roadside.He picked it up and found $4,000 worth of checks made out to the Olympic committee.

Dyke LeFevre, District One director for UDOT, said the planner book had apparently fallen out of a car and belonged to Orluff Opheikens of Huntsville.

Opheikens, who was not available for comment Wednesday, has been heavily involved in the local chamber of commerce's efforts to raise money for the state's Olympic bid through the sale of silver and gold medallions.

Craig Peterson, the bid committee's vice president for administration, said the checks were picked up Tuesday night.

"It's now safely in our bank. We're glad the money was recovered, and we had the highest regard for the person who collected the money," he said.

While the chamber of commerce had a good record of who issued the checks and could have had them recut, Peterson said, officials are glad to avoid that hassle.