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Three alleged gang members charged with participating in a drive-by shooting have been bound over to district court to face attempted murder charges.

Fernando Negrete, 22, Ignacio Manual Martinez, 18, and Eloy M. Esquibel, 20, waived their preliminary hearings Tuesday and were sent to the district court on charges of attempted criminal homicide and witness tampering.Witnesses told police the three fired several shots from their vehicle at four people in another vehicle near 1400 W. 1300 South. The suspects chased the victims and fired additional shots as the victims ran for shelter in a house on Stewart Street, police said.

Negrete and Martinez were arrested shortly after the shootings occurred on May 3. Esquibel fled from police but was later located, a Salt Lake police report stated. Officers arrested two juveniles that were also in the suspect vehicle and booked them into juvenile detention.

Police said there were six people inside the suspect vehicle. A witness told police the six were out to get one of the victims, Tony Deherrera, because of his alleged involvement in the double murder of Don and Shane Newingham last summer.

Witnesses testified in court that Deherrera was at the party when the fatal stabbings occurred. They said they heard Deherrera claim partial responsibility for the stabbings. Fred Alvarez is currently serving a life sentence for the murders and Richard Gabaldon is also serving time for aggravated assault in connection with the incident.

The three defendants will be arraigned before 3rd District Judge Homer Wilkinson on June 14.