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The Salt Lake School District will sponsor summer food service at 21 sites throughout the county from June 10 to Aug. 16.

The sites are in low-income areas that meet the eligibility requirements for receiving free meals. The children do not have to individually pass income eligibility requirements to receive the free meals. Children will receive food without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, handicap or age. For more information, call 328-7276.Sites that will serve breakfast and lunch are: Bennion Elementary, 429 S. 800 East; Edison Elementary, 466 Cheyenne; Franklin Elementary, 1140 W. 400 South; Hawthorne Elementary, 644 Milton Ave.; Jackson Elementary, 750 W. 200 North; Lincoln Elementary, 1090 Roberta St.; Rose Park Elementary, 1130 Sterling Ave.; Washington Elementary, 420 N. 200 West.

Sites that will service lunch only are: Emerson Elementary, 1017 Harrison Ave.; Nibley Park Elementary, 2785 S. 800 East; Parkview Elementary, 1250 W. Mead Ave.; Bryant Intermediate, 40 S. 800 East; Glendale Intermediate, 1430 Andrew Ave.; Matheson Headstart, 1240 American Beauty Drive; Glendale Youth Recreation Center, 855 W. California Ave.; Kearns Recreation Center, 5670 S. 4800 West; Redwood Multi-Purpose Center, 3060 S. Lester; St. Theresa Parish, 110 Allen St., Midvale; YWCA, 322 E. 300 South; Backman Elementary, 1450 W. 600 South; Central City Center, 615 S. 300 East.