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Cyprus High School marked its 73rd commencement Thursday, and graduates sealed a time capsule to be opened in 20 years. Senior Class President Adrion Meyer welcomed students and family members and said the time capsule will be opened at the class's 20th reunion in 2011.

The capsule contains a list of awards received by students, clubs and athletic teams during the school year and other memorabilia from fund-raisers, dances and other activities held during the year.Details of the contents of the time capsule played into Meyer's overview of the school year and remarks about the graduation theme.

Valedictorian Brent Moody spoke about knowledge, the future and the need to continue progressing. "It's not the knowledge we have gained that counts but how you apply that knowledge," he said. "While the future is uncertain and in that sense rather scary, it is also full of promise."

Salutatorian Ruth Luskin told her graduating classmates that even though they come from diverse backgrounds, all have their three years at Cyprus in common. The memories of those three years include the games, dances and the school's somewhat official hangout at the Hardee's restaurant on 3500 South and 5600 West.

Among those in the class with plans to attend college are 80 students who have been offered scholarships totaling $530,000.

Senior speaker Maui Drabner said the graduation theme is from a song that talks about making it down a long and winding road. In terms of school, that road started in kindergarten.

In Tonga, Drabner's mother was the only one of 17 siblings to graduate from high school. Now Maui is the first child in his family to graduate.

Luci Anne Saltkill challenged her classmates to help find solutions to predicaments that face the world. To do that, "We must always believe in ourselves, and second, we must put our hearts and minds into our goals and dreams."




Graduation theme: "When You Put Your Heart In It"

Graduating class: 387

Location: 8623 W. 3000 South, Magna

Senior class officers: Adrion Meyer, president; Patty Casey, vice president; Charles Connely, secretary; Jennifer Wallace, reporter/historian

Valedictorian: Brent Moody

Salutatorian: Ruth Luskin

Student speakers: Luci Anne Saltkill, Maui Drabner