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Kearns High School graduates were advised Thursday to live life with passion, seek out heroes, and not fear making tough decisions.

Heroes are the people who inspire us to do good and to experience success; they are also the people who refuse to do our thinking for us, salutatorian Patricia Kempton told her fellow graduates."They may advise us about the important decisions we must make in our lives, but they expect those decisions to ultimately come from us," Kempton said.

Graduating senior Tamara Hansen reminded her classmates that great achievement doesn't come without struggle.

"Nathanial Hawthorne said, `The way to be nothing is to do nothing.' By developing and strengthening our own wings, we will eventually become stronger bringing success and happiness," she said.

Just as caterpillars build a cocoon and eventually transform into beautiful butterflies so are Kearns High graduates undergoing a dramatic and exciting change in their lives, Hansen said.

Senior Robyn Baker told the graduates that living life with passion "doesn't mean becoming a soap opera star. It means living your life to its fullest at every moment," she said.





Graduation theme: "We know what we are but know not what we may be." - William Shakespeare

Graduates: about 434

Location: Kearns

Senior class officers: President, Nathan Kihlstrom; vice president, Trevor Holyoak; secretary, Brandon Thomas; Chris Horne and Jodi Foster

Valedictorian: Melisa Hiskey

Salutatorian: Patricia Kempton