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High school marks a time of drivers licenses, broken hearts, athletic competitions and friendships that may endure the test of time. They are lessons that will never again be repeated, as the 1991 graduates of Cottonwood High School were told Thursday night during commencement exercises.

"We will never pass this way again," said commencement speaker Brandon T. Walker, "but what it is we have gathered along the way will always be important to us. I guarantee that in 10 to 15 years when we remember high school we are not likely to think of the classroom stuff. What we will remember are the friendships, the experiences, the tricks and pranks, the games won and the positions held."And the Class of 1991 was urged to use those lessons to take charge of the future. As Brandy A. Sargent said, "Tonight is the night when we inherit ourselves.

"If tonight is our graduation into the adult world according to the adults themselves, then tonight is our chance to make the world into a place that we like. The way that we change our world will depend on the things that we take with us from this school."

To class valedictorian Marie Madsen, the best that one can take from the high school experience is friendship.

"In order to be your best self, it is important to be your own best friend and to treat yourself in the same way that you would treat your most valued acquaintance. Whatever your goals for life are - whether you want wealth, fame or family - achieving them will be made easier by this friendship with yourself."

Musical numbers included "It's Time for Movin' On," by the A Cappella Choir; "Depart in Peace," by the Madrigals; and "Sun Flower Slow Drag," an instrumental by an 11-student ensemble.




Graduation theme: "We May Never Pass This Way"

Graduates: 520

Location: 5717 S. 1300 East, Salt Lake City

Valedictorian: Marie Madsen

Salutatorian: Sylvia Ramachandran