Someone once said, "You are on the road to success when you realize that failure is merely a detour."

Jordan High School graduates were told that the dips and turns - hard classes and busy schedules - they've taken will prepare them for life."If you are going to be successful then stay on the road, and if you do decide to take the detour, just remember that it will lead you back to the main road again," Heidi Steineckert told fellow graduates. "This graduation has become our on-ramp to life."

Ty Lombardi assured graduates there's no end to the number of possibilities ahead of them.

"The education which we have received at Jordan has been similar to the refinement process which all diamonds must undergo. Unlike diamonds, however, our refinement process is never complete."

Jeannie Ann King agreed. "Success is a ladder," she said. "As each of us strives toward success we should remember the turtle - he never makes any progress until he sticks his neck out."

But Rebecca Sanchez cautioned that while seeking success students must remember "it is what we gain along the way that makes success desirable."



Graduation theme: "As We Strive Toward the Road of Success We Leave Behind the Paths of Accomplishments."

Location: 9351 S. State

Graduates: 296

Senior class officers: Celeste Derricott, president; Kelly Whytock, vice president; Anna K. Hirst, senator; Jeremy Greenwood, senator; Allison Garner, secretary.

Valedictorian: Ty Lombardi

Salutatorian: Jeannie A. King

Student speakers: Heidi Steineckert, Rebecca Sanchez, Tom Post