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Two women students were found slain Friday in their off-campus apartment, renewing fears in this college town where five people were mutilated and murdered last summer.

Authorities immediately discounted any link to the five slayings."The crime scene does not look like the crime scenes that we encountered earlier last year," said John Joyce, spokesman for the serial killing task force. "It appears there are really not any similarities with the murders of last year."

The two women were enrolled at the University of Florida, as were four of the five students slain in August, but were not mutilated, Joyce said.

Police did not immediately release information on the cause of death or method of entry into the apartment.

"As far as the fear factor, I think people just have to hope that we can apprehend whoever is responsible for this just as quickly as possible," Joyce said.

The bodies of Eleanor Anne Grace, 20, daughter of prominent Fort Myers attorney William Grace, and Carla Marie McKishnie, 22, of Brandon, were found by a boyfriend who broke in through a second-story window, said Alachua County sheriff's Capt. Andy Hamilton, a task force commander.

The bodies were found about a mile from the apartment where two of last summer's victims were killed.