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West High School's class of 1991 reflected upon 100 years of school history Friday during graduation exercises at Symphony Hall.

Playing off the theme "One hundred years later, 100 times greater. . . We've only just begun," student speakers reflected on the four years they spent at the century-old high school."If the halls of West could speak, if that hallowed spirit had a voice, it could tell some funny, tragic and inspiring stories," said student speaker Nathan Carter.

"As I leave West, I can almost hear her say: Run with me always, wherever you are. Think of me often, never my memory to mar."

Senior Launi Derrick said the class of 1991 was especially proud to be part of the school's centennial celebration.

"If West High could talk, I know that there would be many stories to tell. Much has happened in this valley in the last 100 years. Did you ever wonder who was the first student to drive a car to school?

"Or how many senior classes have joined in the misery of losing the spirit bowl? . . . Did you realize that the electric trolley ran right in front of West on its way to the hot springs?"

West High graduates were presented by principal Harold Trussel and accepted by Salt Lake Board of Education member Ann Clawson. Diplomas were conferred by Clawson and fellow school board member Keith Stepan.

Musical numbers were presented by the high school chorale and a cappella choir. James Leo Fairbanks played a piano solo.


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Panthers\ Theme: "One hundred years later; 100 times greater . . .We've only just begun."

Location: 241 N. 300 West, Salt Lake City

Graduates: Approximately 225

Senior class officers: Barbra Stocker, president; Donnalea Gilmore, vice president; Chastity Corona, secretary.

Valedictorian: Kristen Case.

Student speakers: Kristen Case, Sara Black, Launi Derrick, Joel Pulliam, Andrea Weber, Nathan Carter and Barbra Stocker.