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Two old-model airplanes collided over northwest Georgia, killing a man who ejected from one of the planes before it crashed and burned, officials said Saturday. The second plane landed safely.

Rescue workers searched the rugged north Georgia mountains for a second person believed to be aboard the downed plane, a 1950s-vintage T-37 jet trainer. The body of the other occupant was recovered Friday evening, Walker County authorities said.Authorities declined to reveal how he died or his identity.

At least three other people escaped injury when the second plane, a former B-26 World War II bomber converted to civilian use as an A-26, landed safely at a Cartersville airport about 70 miles south of the collision site, said Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Kathleen Bergen.

Bergen said the A-26 clipped the tail of the T-37 at 4:48 p.m. Friday as the two flew together en route to McMinnville, Tenn., from Calhoun, Ga.

The T-37, with two people aboard, plunged into the ground and burst into flames, but no bodies were found in the wreckage, Bergen said.