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More than 70 employees of the Pillsbury plant apparently will lose their jobs Monday when new owners take over, the plant manager said.

Cargill Inc. of Minnetonka, Minn., in January announced plans to take over the plant, and company officials later interviewed the 99 employees.Last week, 27 hourly workers were notified they would be hired on as Cargill employees, said plant manager Tom Maruri.

He said a handful of salaried Pillsbury employees also were rehired by the $43 billion food industry giant, but the rest will be out of jobs. Maruri said he would also be out of work.

He said all he could do for the workers was place a notice on an employee bulletin board telling them if they hadn't received a call, they didn't have a job.

Formal written notices to all employees were forthcoming, Maruri said.