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Directions: About 30 miles east of Heber on U.S. 40, then 13 miles north over improved dirt road to the reservoir.

Description: 273 surface acres of water with campground, restrooms and boat ramp. The area is sagebrush and cedar, breaking up into pines and aspen.

Fish: Cutthroat and Sterile Rainbow

What Works: Mepp spinners, wobblers and flies. Spinners and lures work well from the shore. For flies, use red, dark olive, and black, and fish with bobbers. Troll bright colors of flatfish--orange and red. Bait fishermen use worms, cheese and salmon eggs.

Details: Good area is shoreline north of campgrounds. Secret right now is to fish the shallow bays. Stay away from deep areas. Larger fish are cruising the shallow areas looking for food. Some nice 3-and 4-pound fish being caught.

Notes: Area has one of the nicest campgrounds in the state. Well planned. Nice restrooms and playground for kids. Special regulations on tributaries--artificial flies and lures only and 2-figh limit.