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"Old-Timers' Games" aren't supposed to be a proving ground for new talent.

But that's what happened when third baseman Kerry Shaw, a member of the 1988 Salt Lake Trappers, came back for the July 22 Old-Timers' Game. He'd graduated from the '88 Trappers to the San Francisco Giants' organization but couldn't find a place to play this spring, so he was available for the Old-Timers. In fact, he came in three days early, he was so enthused.Shaw mentioned to Trapper boss Van Schley that he'd play independent ball until he was 35 if he could, and Schley took note because third base has been a Trapper headache all season - they've used eight men there and have cut four of them (Kevin Jones, Mike Aranzullo, Rueben Ayala and Dan Ferreira).

They reached an agreement, Shaw drove his pregnant wife home to California, then drove back to meet the team in Idaho Falls last week. Through six games, he's hitting .273, with only the Old-Timers' Game as batting practice.

Shaw was angry with himself Tuesday for the two-base error that put the tying and winning runs in damaging positions in the seventh inning. "It hit the seam (between grass and dirt), but that's no excuse. I messed up and it cost us," Shaw said.

TRANSACTIONS: Right-handed pitcher Greg Knowles of the University of Miami, a projected starter, is due Wednesday. The Trappers recently released Jones, DH Keith Rader and pitcher Geno Mirabella and signed DH Paul Bruno, who's hitting .333 in six games.

- Linda Hamilton