One electronic, three chemical and four mechanical inven-tions by Utah inventors received patents from the U.S. Patent Office.

David O. Martin, Salt Lake City. A method for applying tension to a section of an overhead garage door. Assigned to Martin Door Manufacturing Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed April 25, 1990, a division of patent 4,934,439. Patent 5,027,494.J. Mel Hatch and Lonnie DeGooyer, both of Murray. A locking device for attaching to a rod extending from a merchandising display. Filed July 5, 1990. Patent 5,027,622.

Hugh D. Hinckley, Salt Lake City, and Doug Kruesi, Englewood, Colo. A mobile speedometer/odometer/cruise control tester assembly. Assigned to Hugh D. Hinckley, Salt Lake City. Filed Nov. 14, 1989. Patent 5,027,640.

Alexander K. Meskin, Salt Lake City; Leo Merrill, Orem; and Clifford R. Pay, Woods Cross. A cutting structure for a rotary drag bit, comprising a metal matrix with thermally stable polycrystalline diamond cutting elements. Assigned to Eastman Christensen Co., Salt Lake City. Filed Aug. 24, 1989, a continuation of applications Jan. 4, 1988, Nov. 13, 1985, and March 26, 1984. Patent 5,028,177.

Philip S. Miner, Holladay. A method for producing soluble polymerized oils. Filed April 24, 1989. Patent 5,028,264.

John K. Shigley, Ogden; Keith M. Roussel and Steve D. Harris, both of Ponca City, Okla. Delayed coking process. Assigned to Conoco Inc., Ponca City, Okla. Filed April 12, 1990. Patent 5,028,311.

Anthony R. Torres, Logan, and Elbert A. Peterson, Garrett Park, Md. Ion exchange and separation method. Filed Oct. 28, 1988. Patent 5,028,696.

Douglas M. Chabries, Woodland Hills; Robert Brey, Orem; Martin Robinette, Rochester, Minn.; Richard W. Christiansen, Highland; and Gary R. Kenworthy, Fremont, Calif. Digital hearing enhancement apparatus. Assigned to Harold An-tin and Mark Antin, New York, N.Y. Filed April 3, 1989, a continuation of application Jan. 21, 1986. Patent 5,029,217.

Copies of patents are available by number for $1.50 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington DC 20231.