To the editor:

In regard to the Scouting program in Utah, as well as anywhere else in the nation, I'd like to say that I find the whole issue quite amusing. It shouldn't even be an issue.To say that gays, girls and atheists have any place in the Boy Scout organization is like saying a Mormon should attend the Catholic Church (no bias intended).

An organization such as the Scouts was founded for the purpose of teaching Christianity and moral beliefs for boys, was never meant for anyone whose beliefs did not coincide with those taught therein.

As for a child's self-worth, that is determined in the home. To tell a gay child (and why would a child be aware of his sexual preference so young anyway?) that he would feel out of place in Boy Scouts should not be any more tedious than explaining why some folks go to church and others do not. Girls? Please. Why then Girl Scouts? These organizations should remain separate for the same reasons the locker rooms do in school.

I believe the whole issue, as many others we face today, has nothing to do with racial, religious or cultural beliefs. I feel that people are so crazed with the desire for freedoms that they step on those our forefathers worked so long and hard to create.

If you don't want to participate in organizations that have morals, beliefs and goals that appreciate your own, create those that do.

It should not be up to those organizations to make allowances for those who do not share the same vision. After all, should Christians teach anti-Christ material for the sake of non-believers?

April D. Thacker

Salt Lake City