Chef Boyardee's Hamburger Italiano adds a new flavor: Beefy Fettucine. The boxed mix contains fettucine and beef-flavored sauce mix - you add the hamburger. The 7.5-ounce box makes 5 servings and retails for $1.43.

Doris Wilding: "The beef fettucine was awful. We were unanimous on a `yuck' vote. My son said it tasted like plastic. We were not impressed."Judy Slack Wilson: "I liked that this is quick and easy and tasted good. We will buy this again."

Edyth Jensen: "Our family didn't care for the beef fettucine as it was far too salty. I don't buy hamburger helpers very often and probably won't buy this one again."

Linda C. Tingey: "My kids are not noodle eaters, but they did say they thought this was `OK.' I liked it a lot and found it was a nice change. If my children liked noodles a bit more, I'd buy it again."

Rich Firmage: "There is some good and some bad about this fet-tucine. On the good side, it is very inexpensive and it made quite a bit. The bad was that no one liked the taste. The noodles were sticky, and the spices weren't very good. We would never buy this again."

Conclusion: Two of our testers thought this was a tasty dinner; three testers said "yuck." If you like living on the edge, give this a try!

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