Bicknell officials are seeking written public comment until Thursday, Sept. 5, regarding a proposed culinary water improvement project and will also conduct a public hearing on that date regarding a road project.

Reconstruction of roads and drainage ditches to stabilize soil and eliminate flood and erosion in one area of the community is being considered. The project includes about one mile of streets, located in a 100-year flood plain."Bicknell City is interested in discussing alternatives to this project and securing public perceptions of possible adverse impacts that could result from the project and possible minimization measures," said Andrew G. Taft, environmental certifying officer.

The water project would include developing springs located about two miles south of the community and constructing a water transmission line. It would be partially financed by the Farmers Home Administration.

Officials said a review has been conducted in accordance with the FmHA environmental program, concluding the project will not have a significant environmental impact. Public comment may be forwarded to the administration's state environmental coordinator, however. The address is 5438 Federal Building, Salt Lake City, UT 84138.