Several news organizations won the right to examine some 20 sworn statements from witnesses in the William Kennedy Smith rape trial.

Most of the depositions that were to be released Friday are from police investigators, including an undercover officer who met Smith at a bar hours before the alleged rape. There are also statements from the woman's doctor, a rape crisis counselor, and bar patrons and employees.Smith's attorneys said Thursday they wouldn't appeal, for now, the release of the depositions, requested by The Associated Press, Palm Beach Post, and other news groups. In a letter to Circuit Judge Mary Lupo, lead attorney Roy Black indicated he may appeal the deposition issue later.

Prosecutors have said they are bound by Florida public records laws to release pretrial evidence sought by the media.

Lupo ordered the prosecution Tuesday not to release any more information about allegations against Smith of past sexual crimes. However, she denied defense motions seeking restrictions on release of all depositions.

Smith, 31-year-old nephew of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., faces trial Jan. 13 on a Florida woman's claim he raped her March 30 at his family's estate.

Smith's attorneys say pretrial publicity has severely damaged his chances for a fair trial.