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Rob Outhouse is a candidate for sheriff in Cayuga County, and he's got a problem: His campaign signs are disappearing as fast as he can put them up.

"We've posted so many campaign signs that I believe that the souvenir hunters are keeping them for posterity," the 14-year deputy sheriff said Friday. "I think they're probably adorning dorm room walls around central New York."He said he's spent $1,600 on the signs, but the money's not the only problem. It's also costing the time of his volunteer campaign workers and squandering the permission of homeowners who let him post the 22-by-28-inch signs on their lawns.

In fact, it's gotten so bad he placed a newspaper advertisement, saying: "Please leave our signs alone. If you wish you can contact us and we'll give you an autographed copy."

He's a good sport about his name, partly because he hasn't heard a new joke about it in years.