To the editor:

We have been hearing a lot of talk about increased funding for education in the news. It seems there is a myth that continues to be perpetrated upon the people of this nation, state and valley. That myth is: "Money will improve children's education."The greatest key for success in education (whether public, private or home school) is parental involvement.

There are educators who believe that money will not solve the educational crisis. One of those educators is BYU education professor Neil Flinders. In his book, the cover jacket states: " `Teach the Children' candidly reveals what few educators are willing to admit, but what most educators know to be true - money, methods and materials are not the primary cause or cure of poor education."

The National Education Association supports compulsory early school entrance and they are in bitter opposition to all "federally or state-mandated choice or parental option plans" and instructs its members to "work for defeat" of all plans for tuition tax credits or vouchers.

They would undermine parental authority. Although I doubt that all members of the Utah Education Association follow the national organization, they financially support it. The UEA is looking out for the teachers and their jobs; the children are a secondary concern.

Let's stand up and tell our elected officials "no new taxes" and mean it. Let us also support parental choice in education, including choices outside the public system. Without it, there is no choice at all.

L. Furner