A poll published Saturday, the eve of the opening of a national Holocaust memorial, suggested one in 10 Germans is anti-semitic.

The poll's results also come amid growing concern about violent right-wing extremism in Germany. The latest example was arson Friday night at a home for asylum-seekers in southern Germany. Nine people, including seven children, were injured.The poll, conducted by the respected Emnid Institute, concluded that 13 percent of all German adults were anti-semitic, based on 16 questions asked of 3,000 people throughout the country.

Thirty-six percent thought Jews had "too much influence" in the world, 21 percent said Jews were "intolerant" and 18 percent said they believed that "many Jews try to use the past to their advantage."

When pollsters looked at how many people had given anti-semitic answers, they found that 52 percent showed varying levels of prejudice.

Only 48 percent were "free of anti-semitism" - defined by pollsters as having answered positively to only one or none of the 16 items. Thirteen percent answered yes to six or more of the statements and were deemed to be hard-core anti-semitic.