Centerville City Council

In its meeting Tuesday, Jan. 22, the council:- Approved the reappointment of Vernon Carr as the city's representative on the South Davis Sewer District board.

- Passed a resolution of appreciation for the work done by county flood control director Sid Smith and staff member Scott Williams.

- Rejected a proposal to rewrite the city planning commission organizational structure that would have made the council representative a non-voting member.

- Acting as the city's redevelopment agency, elected Mayor Michael Kjar as RDA chairman and Michael Barton as vice chairman.

- Amended and approved liaison jobs for the council members with various city departments and organizations.

- Approved a garbage collection contract with Roche & Sons, the purchaser in November 1991 of the city's former hauler, Valley Waste Inc.

Davis County Commission

At its meeting Wednesday, Jan. 22, the commission:

- Approved a contract with the U.S. Forest Service for fire suppression services for the foothills in the east edge of the county for the 1992 season. The Forest Service will handle any brush fires in the area during the summer for $7,733.

- Approved a change order for further engineering studies for construction of the bridge pilings on the Antelope Island causeway. Engineers now believe the supports can be installed without driving them into the lakebed, which could save $65,000 to $75,000 in construction costs. The added engineering study will cost a maximum of $4,500.

- Approved a $23,000 contract with Weber Basin Water Quality to conduct the county health department's water quality tests for the coming year.