The City Council has reappointed John Sandberg as its justice of the peace for another four-year term beginning Feb. 3.

"I'm pleased with the way the court is run," Clinton Mayor Steven Weller said before the council voted 4-0 Tuesday night to reappoint Sandberg.Sandberg is also a part-time justice in several other cities, including Sunset and Riverdale. He said he recently closed his private practice in order to concentrate on being part-time judge in four cities.

"I would really like to do this for the next 15 to 20 years," he said.

Sandberg also outlined several goals he has for the Clinton City Court:

He'd like to improve cooperation on warrants by having the city join the statewide computer system for warrants. He said free, compatible software is available from the state.

Sandberg also said he'd like Davis County itself to check all warrants in the county and work for improved intercity cooperation on warrant information.

He'd like to improve the utilization of the City Council chambers, that double as a part-time court chamber, by having a permanent fixture established where both judge and council can sit.