The City Council has adopted a resolution approving dramatic increases in water hookup rates for new homes along its east bench.

Phil Glenn, the council's executive director, said the rate increase would affect some of the city's most expensive new dwellings. Developers will pay the tab and pass the cost on to homebuyers.Fees for three-quarter-inch hookups will increase from $1,170 to $4,500; those for less-common 1-inch hookups will go from $2,078 to $4,500. Commercial rates are affected similarly; more substantial increases will go into effect for homes in the area beyond the Sandy city limits.

Glenn said the new rates affect Sandy's high-pressure water zone on the east bench. In such areas "one has to generate high pressure to pump it up or place tanks in higher strategic positions so it will flow downhill. It's much more expensive than in locations with gravity feeds and where it's flat." As many as 200 new homes will be affected.

Also this week, the council voted to standardize street-light systems in new developments. Because developers have used different technology and standards in street lighting throughout Sandy, the city has seen something of a hodgepodge of different systems installed. The city will require future systems to be installed by Utah Power and Light according to certain standards.