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To the editor:

We are writing to tell you how much we dislike the comic strip "Phipps." There are many different reasons for our dislike of this comic strip. The first and most important reason is that it's boring, stupid, dull, flat, heavy, humdrum, insipid, pointless, prosaic, absurd, asinine, daft, dumb, foolish, half-witted, dull, monotonous, tiresome, uninteresting, wintry, obtuse, listless, irksome and annoying.Phipps is never funny and the jokes are so stupid that it's an insult to one's intelligence. For example, about 15 different times it has showed his dog playing a musical instrument or his shadow catching his hat. We have enjoyed voting for the rookie comic strip and think that if you put Phipps up to vote, the outcome would be a definite "no."

Laurissa Wallin

Shannon Caldwell