To the editor:

I would like to thank the Orem City Council for the decision Dec. 28 to put a hold on the speeded-up, politically motivated 1300 South zone change.There was entirely too much taxpayer money involved in this RDA project. There was a prior commitment of three acres of land which had not been resolved. There was not enough study made on the projected sales volume to guarantee repayment of the over $2 million Orem taxpayer investment.

The Orem City RDA has initiated nine projects - more than the rest of the county put together. Millions of dollars of taxpayer money has been diverted to purchasing property at an inflated rate and donating or selling at half price or lower to attract developers or businesses.

Most of those businesses would have located here anyway without the bribe. This use of taxpayer money to tilt the playing field against established businesses is wrong.

Hopefully, the new City Council will be more conservative in the use of tax money, restrict closed door meetings and be more sensitive and receptive to citizen input. Communication is the key to harmony.

Bob Wright