Roosevelt city police say an obscene phone caller is contacting "very young teenage girls" in the Roosevelt area and police are urging victims to contact officials at US WEST Communications.

Police Chief Cecil Gurr said law enforcement has been frustrated in its efforts to trace the caller because of the city's "antiquated phone system." Roosevelt is still served by mechanical rather than electronic switching equipment. Local switching offices are not scheduled for modernization until fall 1992.Gurr said police have been instructed by US WEST officials to have victims contact the phone company at its Salt Lake office. "We've been given a new US WEST directive which says the victims are to call Jack Spitzer, manager of security, and discuss the problem with them. We are also preparing to set up a meeting to have the victims come in and meet directly with the phone company in Roosevelt," Gurr stated.

The individual making the calls manages to elicit the victim's name or personal information before using obscene language. "He just starts talking to them. Some of the girls are so shocked or so naive they don't realize they shouldn't respond and should hang up."

Police believe the caller may know his victims, although no pattern has been established. "Sometimes he will call the same victim back later in the day, sometimes it will be four months later," Gurr explained.