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We find Bob Bennett and Enid Greene strangely at odds with the "family values" hyped by their party when they come out firmly against handgun control.

The interpretation of the Second Amendment on which they base their argument is old, tawdry, hopelessly convoluted. They are forced to go against the recommendations of the U.S. Surgeon General, American Medical Association, PTA, Bar Association and every major policy association in the country.There are 26 handgun homicides and 33 suicides every day in this country. Bennett and Greene have very low aspirations for this country. They are willing to accept a homicide rate that is 55 times greater than England and 58 times that of Japan.

The United States is no longer a safe place to live and raise children, and to make it safe would require the imposition of the same strict handgun controls found in virtually all advanced nations.

We believe Americans are no more homicidal than citizens of other countries, it is only the politicians bought off by the National Rifle Association who place freedom of handgun ownership above public safety.

The only Utah legislator in Washington committed to a safer environment is Wayne Owens, who voted in favor of the Brady Bill (a five-day waiting period for the purchase of a handgun). This is a disgraceful representation from a state that prides itself in religious values.

There is absolute and irrevocable evidence that handguns kill people. Bennett and Greene speak of change, and we agree; we need politicians who would turn their backs on contributions from the NRA and put the safety of the people first.

Ron and Norma Molen

Salt Lake City