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Howard Phillips, who headed the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity during the Nixon administration, is running for president this year, promising to eliminate the Internal Revenue Service, end foreign aid and drastically cut federal spending.

Phillips is on the ballot in Utah and in two dozen other states. In some states he's an Independent. In others he's managed to run under his new party banner, the U.S. Taxpayers Party. In still other states he's on the ballot under different state taxpayer parties' banners. In all, he's running to cut government and taxes.He believes that if not in this election, then by the end of the century "the American people will take back their government."

Phillips says President Bush has recommended a $1.5 trillion budget that contains a $400 billion deficit and where interest on the national $4 trillion debt makes $306 billion.

He promises if elected he'd cut the federal budget to $1 trillion and veto any congressional spending above that level even if that means bringing the federal government to a halt.

If something drastic isn't done, Phillips believes that by the next presidential election in 1996 Americans will be suffering in a depression, with hyper-inflation wiping out their savings and futures.

"Unwilling to cut spending, unable to borrow to meet all of its needs, the government is now turning increasingly to the same path which has wrecked civilizations from ancient times until the modern era - from the days of Diocletian two millenia ago to the Weimar Republic in post-World War I. The federal government is already running the printing presses at full speed."

Phillips says he'll eliminate the national debt by the orderly sale of hundreds of millions of acres of federally held land in Alaska and other Western states (including Utah) - land Phillips says the Constitution's framers never intended the federal government to own in the first place.

"Since 1974, as chairman of the Conservative Caucus, I have been in the front lines of the struggle for limited government, traditional family values and victory over communism," Phillips says.

He says he's worked across America to restore parental control of education, end forced busing, eliminate tax dollars for Planned Parenthood, defeat gun control schemes, end foreign aid and stop federal subsidies for homosexuality and pornography through agencies like the National Endowment for the Arts.