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Highland High won the Girls 4A High School Tennis Championships on Saturday. Okay . . . And this is the fourth consecutive title win in girls tennis for the Rams. Okay, impressive . . . Highland's three singles players, now, have won state tennis titles in 10 out of 11 tries, and in those state meets have lost a combined total of 2 sets between the three of them and won 81. Now that is truly incredible.

Consider for a moment: Over the past four years some pretty good tennis players have passed through state finals, and Highland's "Incredible 3" have given up only two sets. Certainly, no school has dominate tennis so totally.Saturday's finals were, in fact, typical of this team.

Angela Nelson, a senior, lost only eight games in four rounds and eight sets this year at No. 1 singles, beating Orem's Molly Sanderson in the finals, 6-2, 6-2. Nelson has won state titles as a freshman, junior and senior. Her only loss was in the finals of state playoffs (the two lost sets) as a sophomore.

Rebecca Foulger, a junior, won at No. 2 singles, beating East's Amy Brockbank in the finals, 6-0, 6-0. Foulger has won state titles three times in three tries, and has yet to lose a set in high school tennis competition. In four rounds this year in the finals she lost only two games.

Sarah Mecham, a senior, won at No. 3 singles, beating East's Jennifer Beck, 6-0, 6-1. The game she lost here was the only one she lost in four rounds. Mecham has won state all four years she's played, and like Foulger has not so much as given up a set.

In doubles, Lisa Beck and Steffanie Clark of East beat Kim Fredericks and Tanis Benson of Mountain View, 7-5, 3-6, 6-2; and Adi Karras and Tiffany Brotherson of Olympus beat Rosie Nelson and Kristin Slagle of Highland, 6-3, 6-4.

With those results Highland finished with 22 points, East with 16, Olympus with 9, Mountain View with 8, Timpview with 6, American Fork with 5, Weber and Orem with 4 each, Brighton with 3 and Skyline with 2.

For the Rams, this was an especially important win. Consensus is that no school has won four straight in any high school sport, which would make this a record that will likely stand for a number of years.

Also, it completed a sweep for Highland's key players - four year and four titles.

Ram coaches Matt Perkins and Cheryl Benson said there was no undo pressure on the team to win. They went into this, "as a team effort," said Perkins. "The fact that this is four in a row is important, though. This is a first."

And it was, as Benson pointed out, "a good team effort."

For Nelson and Mecham the day had its highs and lows.

"It's sad," said Nelson, "this is it. I don't want to leave high school tennis. It's been fun."

Mecham said the same thing, that with the win came the realization that her high school tennis, "is over and it's sad."

Foulger noted that she has another year, and would like to finish up "winning at No. 1 singles."

Now, with the loss of two key players, coaches are no doubt offering a sigh of relief.

But they shouldn't, says Benson, "We're going to have a good team next year."

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