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For the past month, I have been reading and watching the propaganda put out by the Utah Citizens Against Pari-mutuel.

They have been telling us if we let pari-mutuel in the state, than "all forms of gambling would be here." But now in a Sept. 28 newspaper story, Rob Rice said that the facts and figures put out by Idaho State Racing Commission Director Duayne Didericksen about it "not" costing our state and taxpayers anything to operate pari-mutuel in Utah could not be fairly compared because Idaho derives a large amount of revenue from other forms of gambling . . . "which would continue to be illegal under Utah's initiative."I know that you are hoping that no one would "see" that you just got caught in your own lies. You educated people should not get involved with issues you know nothing about.

It takes a lot of guts for the people like Larry Miller to put up so much money to try and brainwash the people of Utah when there is so much gambling going on the Jazz, also BYU and Utah basketball and football games. And the state or education don't get any share of that.

And to all of these people who can afford to give $50,000 or more to this group, has your "gambling" in the stock market been too good, you need a write-off on your taxes? Why don't you donate some of it to the state and education? Critics say that what pari-mutuel is offering won't amount to much. But Idaho and Wyoming proves them wrong again, with Utah money. And something put back into the state and into education is better than nothing.

Sharon L. Scudder

South Jordan