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Salt Lake police detectives still appear convinced that Adam Galli is a killer.

But no murder charges have been filed against him or his brother, Aaron Galli. Both have been considered suspects in the May 17 shooting death of Merritt Riordan at the Green Parrot Cafe.Last week, Adam Galli was ordered to appear in a lineup at the Salt Lake County Jail. A waitress who was working at the club when Riordan was killed saw a person in the basement of the Green Parrot whom she believes was Adam Galli, according to court documents.

Prosecutors and police won't comment on the outcome of the lineup, but documents recently filed in 3rd Circuit Court indicate they're still on the Gallis' trail.

"We're still looking at a few things and haven't put it (the case) to bed," said Detective Charles Oliver. "We're still hoping that something surfaces."

Ironically, Adam Galli posted bond and was released from jail the day after the lineup. His brother and two cousins - charged with a string of armed robberies - were released on bond months ago, but Adam had been unable to post bond. He had been incarcerated since June 24, when he was arrested in Seattle and brought back to Salt Lake City.

Riordan, 29, had finished his shift as a cook that morning when he went into the club's basement to retrieve his mountain bike. He was about to go up the stairway when he was confronted by two would-be robbers.

Co-workers upstairs heard Riordan yell, "Help!" or "Hey, stop!" and then a shot rang out. Riordan was hit in the left chest with a 9mm bullet. The two intruders ran up the stairs and out a back door.

Just three days before the shooting, Adam Galli retrieved a 9mm Taurus handgun from a downtown pawn shop, where he had earlier left it, according to court documents.

Three weeks after the shooting, detectives found the same handgun in Aaron Galli's apartment. A criminalist at the Utah State Crime Lab tested the weapon and determined that the bullet that went through Riordan's body and into a basement wall at the Green Parrot was fired from the same gun.

The Green Parrot robbers wore bandanas over the bottoms of their faces as did the suspects in a string of robberies throughout Salt Lake County.

Adam and Aaron Galli, along with their cousins Christopher and Nathan Galli, still face several charges of aggravated robbery between them. Dubbed the "preppy bandits," the foursome is accused of pulling off at least five armed robberies since March and possibly more.

Prosecutors have insisted that they need more evidence before filing murder charges in connection with Riordan's death despite frustrated police detectives who have unsuccessfully tried to convince them otherwise.