One of the real problems any governor of Utah faces is the requirement to try to reach agreement with many various organizations or interests, including the Legislature. No matter what the governor believes should happen, unless he can develop consensus with others, little or nothing will be achieved.

As I have studied the gubernatorial candidates, one individual emerges who has the ability to reach accord and achieve real action. That person is Mike Leavitt. One of the outstanding characteristics of Leavitt is his skill to facilitate discussion among various factions and reach agreement.He has accomplished this with proficiency while serving on private boards of directors, the state Board of Regents and in working with the recent Strategic Plan for education.

With all of the problems facing this state, including health care, education and economic development, we need a governor with real leadership to build consent and not become "bogged down" like Congress over who is right or wrong.

Miles "Cap" Ferry

Salt Lake City