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A look at how today's baseball expansion draft works:

Draft Order: The Colorado Rockies, having won a coin flip last week with the Florida Marlins, will make the No. 1 pick at 2 p.m. EST. The Marlins will follow, and the teams will alternate picks throughout the first round. Each expansion team will take 13 players in the first round, and the 26 established major league clubs will each lose one player.

Draft Process: There will be three rounds, with the Marlins picking first in the second and third rounds. There will be five minutes between each selection, and a 30-minute break between the rounds. After each round, American League teams add four players to their protected list and National League teams add three.

Who's Eligible? All players except those on protected lists and those who: a) either signed their first pro contract in 1991 or 1992 or b) signed in 1990, but were younger than 19 on June 5 that year.

Who Loses Whom? All 12 established NL teams will lose three players. In the AL, eight teams will lose three players and six teams will lose two players.