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I am truly outraged and discouraged by the attitude of Chad Thueson in his letter (Forum, Nov. 6) dealing with Karl Malone's concern about AIDS. If anyone is "ignorant" concerning Magic's situation, it is he.

Our fight against AIDS is not hurt by those of us who speak out against the spread of AIDS. The fight is hurt by people who won't take responsibility for their actions (such as Magic) and people who find others on whom to place blame.It is absolutely ridiculous to suggest that Karl and his counterparts are responsible for Magic having to re-retire from the NBA. There is only one person responsible for that: Magic himself.

Perhaps Mr. Thueson should recognize that the biggest obstacle thwarting the progression of AIDS awareness is the lack of education. If young people see the deterioration of a victim of AIDS (as was shown in the recent TV special "Remembering David") and if they understood the grave lessons that result from sexual promiscuity, perhaps they will be more aware of the effects of AIDS.

Perhaps parents and teachers could help in the education of AIDS by reviewing the new reference manual on human sexuality put out by the Utah State Board of Education (available in all high schools) and promoting the education of "safe sex" with abstinence heading the list of preventative measures.

Having Magic continue to play in the NBA is a risk to all others with whom he could come in contact. What message are we sending when we promote a prominent figure at the possible risk of so many others?

Sandy Thackeray

Salt Lake City