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More than a month had gone by, 32 days, since Golden Eagle goaltender Trevor Kidd got his last, and only, victory of his rookie season.

He's been the Eagles' hard-luck Kidd. "He's been in bad places at bad times," says coach Bob Francis of Kidd's playing schedule that alternates with Andrei Trefilov. Trefilov has a 6-2-1 record; Kidd was 1-7.The Eagles have never scored more than three goals in a game he's played; twice, they only scored one for him. He faced yet-unbeaten San Diego three times. Four times, he played the second game of two-games-in-two-nights stands.

His car was totaled by a wandering moose as Kidd drove to Salt Lake City after being sent down in the preseason by the Calgary Flames.

Monday night in the Delta Center, Kidd finally got Win No. 2, though he had to wait until 3:19 had passed in overtime before he could officially claim a 3-2 victory over Kansas City.

Midway through the third period, Rich Chernomaz scored his first goal in six games, on a major power play, to tie the game 2-2 and force the extra period.

In the OT, Tomas Forslund, saw Paul Kruse with the puck on the endboards and made a dash in from the left point to the net. "I was hoping he'd see me," said Forslund. "He gave it to me, right on the tape. Oh, it was perfect."

Forslund redirected the pass, and the Eagles, and Kidd, had a win.

"Thanks for the birthday present," Kidd told Forslund. Today is Forslund's birthday.

Kidd said he never despaired during the winless month. He practiced hard and felt he had his teammates' respect. "That's all that matters," he says.

Just 4:21 into the game, Kidd's bad luck continued. KC's Jaroslav Otevrel carried the puck toward the goal. As he tried to shoot, Eagle Darren Stolk caught Otevrel's stick with his own to keep him from striking the puck. The puck slid into the net. Kidd never saw it. "A freak thing," said Francis.

Eagle Patrick Lebeau scored at 10:49 to tie 1-1, coming three abreast with Kevin Wortman and Chernomaz. Chernomaz passed to Wortman, and Wortman threw back to Lebeau for an easy shot.

The Blades' J.F. Quintin scored 2:18 later, and it stayed 2-1 until Chernomaz converted at 9:45 of the third period after a faceoff near the blue line.

The Eagles, worst power-players in the IHL, kept up their tradition during a KC bench minor, but Wortman helped change things. He dove and stuck out his stick to keep a puck from coming out of the attack zone. When play then went behind the net, Shawn Heaphy was upended and cut, unintentionally, by Claudio Scremin's stick for an automatic major that set up the 5-on-3 equalizer.

All three KC-SLC games have gone to overtime. The Eagles won an OT shootout Friday against the Blades. Francis said in Monday's game, his team was "100 percent better at reading their rush and eliminating their second wave" than it had been on Friday. Three goals Friday came when the Blades' fourth man in went unguarded and started a passing play. That didn't happen Monday.

NOTES: Defenseman Alexander Yudin was returned to Moscow over the weekend. The Flames were unable to reach a settlement with the Russian Federation on a fee for his services . . . Kidd faced only 20 shots Monday, a first for him . . . The Eagles play at Phoenix Thursday and Friday and return to the DC for Saturday/

Monday games with Atlanta.