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The Cache County Council is expected Tuesday to approve an airport authority agreement that includes Logan's annexation of the Logan-Cache Airport.

However, North Logan Mayor Al Moser has vowed to formally protest if Logan tries to annex the facility.The airport controversy stems from a 1978 agreement signed by Logan officials to relinquish the city's half share of the airport in exchange for the county's continued operation and maintenance of the airfield.

But a deed was never signed.

The city now contends that it should annex the airport to protect its rights to continue providing power and encourage future development.

Council Chairman Sarah Ann Skanchy asked Logan representatives Tuesday night if the agreement could be made without annexation. But City Council members Louise Brown, Russell Anderson and Mayor Russell Fjeldsted said they couldn't justify continued expense outside city limits.

The proposed agreement, which has bounced between Logan and Cache County officials for months, requires the county to ask Logan to annex the airport.

Moser objects, saying North Logan would be boxed in with no room for growth if Logan annexes the airport. Also, he said, North Logan would start eroding as residents living adjacent to the airport would probably seek annexation to Logan, too.

Moser said he's not opposed to an airport authority established by Logan and Cache County to operate the airport. But he does oppose annexation to Logan.

County Council member Darrel Gibbons said the airport is "an island in unincorporated area that's stopping everybody."

But Moser said that island serves as a needed buffer protecting surrounding cities from gobbling each other up.

Moser said North Logan and Hyde Park are prepared to protest Logan's annexation. Such a protest would trigger a meeting of a county boundary commission made up of city and county officials.

County Attorney Gary McKean said the conflict eventually could end up in court.