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Medical devices and systems accounted for five of the 10 patents awarded Utah inventors by the United States Patent Office.

John P. Pasquin, West Valley City. Dual flush valve for water closets. Filed Sept. 11, 1990, a continuation-in-part of application March 21, 1989 and patent 5,005,225. Patent 5,157,795.William A. Dutro, Cove, and S. Ty Measom, Logan. A portable cooker adapted for heating foods that are disposed in a wok which has a rounded bottom. Assigned to Dutro Company, Emeryville, Calif. Filed Oct. 21, 1991. Patent 5,158,067.

Steven D. Boothe, West Valley. A rinse nozzle for mounting in an aircraft waste tank to transmit a liquid from the outside of the tank to the inside. Assigned to Edo Corporation, Fiber Science Division, Salt Lake City. Filed May 14, 1991. Patent 5,158,444.

Gaylord L. Berry, Salt Lake City, and Yansong Shan, Ann Arbor, Mich. A system for controlled delivery of gases from a pressurized gas source to a blood-gas exchange membrane. Assigned to CardioPulmonics, Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed July 3, 1990. Patent 5,158,534.

Harrison M. Lazarus, Salt Lake City. A method for performing surgical procedures within the peritoneal cavity. Filed Oct. 30, 1990. Patent 5,158,543.

Gaylord L. Berry, Salt Lake City, and Lynn Kerby, Sandy. A valve for controlling fluid flow through a catheter inserted into a blood vessel. Assigned to CardioPulmonics, Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Dec. 26, 1990. Patent 5,158,553.

Richard D. Strickland, Sandy, and William R. Houghtop, Midvale. Apparatus connected to an endotracheal tube adapter permitting insertion of a diagnostic catheter while maintaining ventilation conditions. Assigned to Ballard Medical Products, Draper. Filed Dec. 21, 1990. Patent 5,158,569.

Don H. Cranney, South Jordan, and Blake T. Maxfield, West Jordan. Emulsion explosive that is compatible with reactive sulfide/pyrite ores. Filed March 16, 1992, a continuation of application June 7, 1990. Patent 5,159,153.

Derrell Q. Johnson, Orem. Logic-gate circuit with limited transient bounce in potential of internal voltage supply. Assigned to North American Philips Corporation, New York, N.Y. Filed June 7, 1990. Patent 5,159,213.

Thomas D. Rosenberg, Salt Lake City, and William J. Reimels, Brockton, Mass. Suture anchor driver. Assigned to American Cyanamid Company, Stamford, Conn. Filed Jan. 31, 1990. Design patent 330,591.

Copies of patents are available by number for $3.00 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, DC 20231.